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In January, the state budget deficit decreased by almost 20 times

The state budget deficit of Ukraine in January decreased by almost 20 times when compared with the previous month. This is evidenced by data from the Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury.

In January, the state budget deficit decreased by almost 20 times

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Budget revenues and expenses

State budget revenues in January 2024 amounted to UAH 154.2 billion. Expenses amounted to UAH 169.3 billion.

As a result, in January the state budget was executed with a deficit of UAH 14.9 billion, in December it was UAH 285 billion and UAH 145.1 billion in November.


Reduced borrowing

The Ministry of Finance indicates that the borrowing plan in January was only fulfilled by a third.

So, actual government borrowing into the general fund of the state budget for January 2024 amounted to 43 .28 billion UAH, or 34.6% of what was planned for this period.

Including from the placement of government bonds, 32.03 billion UAH were allocated to finance the state budget, including in foreign currency 19, 3 billion UAH ($250 million and 235 million euros). At the same time, thanks to the issue of military government bonds, UAH 20.8 billion was attracted.

Only UAH 11.25 billion ($297 million) of the IBRD loan guaranteed by Japan came from external sources in January.

Debt repayment

At the same time, payments for the repayment of public debt for January 2024 amounted to UAH 17.5 billion (94.6% of the plan), maintenance payments amounted to UAH 9.5 billion (90.6% of the plan).


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