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Income from Russian assets will be used for weapons for Ukraine, the national debt has decreased, Bitcoin has crossed $60 thousand: the main thing for February 28

The EU will use income from Russia's frozen assets to purchase weapons for Ukraine – von der Leyen

The European Union will use income from Russian financial assets located in European banking institutions for the collective purchase of weapons for Ukraine. This was stated by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

The decrease in external financing influenced the reduction of public debt in January by 31 billion

The public debt of Ukraine decreased in January by 31 billion, primarily due to the fact that our state did not receive enough external funding this month.

Bitcoin crossed the $60 thousand mark. Cryptocurrency capitalization reached $2.23 trillion

Bitcoin crossed the $60 thousand mark on February 28, reaching a new maximum since the end of 2021. The capitalization of the crypto market reached $2.23 trillion.

Ukraine received a $760 million grant from Japan and Norway

The general fund of the state budget of Ukraine received $760 million on a non-repayable basis as the second grant of the Sixth Additional Financing within the framework of the World Bank project “Supporting public expenditures to ensure sustainable governance in Ukraine » (PEACE in Ukraine).

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