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Indian tycoon Adani again becomes Asia's richest man

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani has regained first place in the ranking of the richest people in Asia with a fortune of $97.6 billion. Bloomberg writes about this.

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Adani took leadership from another Indian Mukesh Ambani, whose fortune is estimated at $97 billion.

< h3>Investigation against Adani

In one day, Adani’s fortune grew by $7.7 billion after the Supreme Court of India decided to dismiss all cases against the billionaire that were initiated last year after a scandalous investigation by the American company Hindenburg Research.< p>The published investigative report pointed to numerous abuses in the tycoon’s companies.

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After the publication of the report, shares of Adani companies collapsed, and he lost $45 billion in two days.

In total, the Adani Group lost more than $150 billion in market value last year and spent months winning back investors, creditors, paying off debts and allaying regulators' concerns.

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