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Issuance of debt obligations, position on Crimea and the House vote on aid to Ukraine: what the Western press wrote about this week

FT: The EU plans to issue debt using Russian assets

The issue of debt, the position on Crimea and the House vote on aid to Ukraine: what the Western press wrote about this week

< p>A coalition of Western countries that are allies of Ukraine is planning to issue debt to help Ukraine, using frozen Russian assets as a guarantee of debt repayment. According to the plan circulated by Belgium among the G7 countries, Russia will be asked to repay its debt obligations, and if it refuses, its assets will be confiscated.

Kanal Zero: Duda doubted that Ukraine will return Crimea, “for historical reasons”

Polish President Andrzej Duda found himself in a scandal by expressing doubt that Ukraine would be able to regain control of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. His words caused a sharp reaction in Poland and the reaction of the Ukrainian Ambassador in Warsaw.

On Friday evening, the YouTube channel Kanal Zero published an interview with Doody. He was asked various questions, and when it came to Ukraine, the Polish president said that Russia wants to win in Ukraine, and if it retains the captured Ukrainian territories, the likelihood of a new attack is high.

At the same time, Duda added that he believes , that Ukraine will return Donetsk and Lugansk, but does not know whether it will return Crimea.

“Crimea is a special place, including for historical reasons. Because in fact, if we look at history, it was under Russian control for a long time,” said Andrzej Duda.

Bloomberg: The House will vote on aid to Israel without funds to Ukraine next week

The US House of Representatives will vote next week on a separate $17.6 billion aid package for Israel without any aid to Ukraine, Speaker Mike Johnson said Saturday.

Johnson said the move was necessary to quickly get assistance to Israel in its fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, since there is no time to consider a package combining aid to Ukraine and Israel with US-Mexico border security provisions. This proposal will soon be published by the Senate after lengthy negotiations.

DW: Ukraine and Germany will conclude an agreement on “security guarantees” in February

Draft agreement on “security guarantees” between Ukraine and Germany is already ready, and the agreement itself could be signed in February.

According to the newspaper, the negotiations on security partnership between Germany and Ukraine already have a draft agreement.

The goal is to sign an intergovernmental agreements during the Munich Security Conference. According to the message, the signing is scheduled for February 16.


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