• 23/07/2024 22:37

JPMorgan: Bitcoin is no match for gold in investors' portfolios

JPMorgan analysts believe that the first cryptocurrency will not be able to compare with gold in terms of nominal volume in investment portfolios.
Bitcoin previously surpassed the precious metal in terms of the number of funds in portfolios adjusted for volatility. The Block writes about this.

 JPMorgan: Bitcoin is not comparable to gold in investors' portfolios

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Analysts expressed confidence that in terms of the nominal amount of funds there will be parity It's not worth the wait. The main reason is the risk factor, which, according to company representatives, is often underestimated by the media and the crypto community.

JPMorgan believes that investors are attentive to this aspect. Bitcoin's volatility is approximately 3.7 times higher than that of gold. Thus, spot Bitcoin ETFs will never be able to raise capital comparable in volume to gold-based investment products, experts said.

To achieve the mentioned result, the market capitalization of the first cryptocurrency must exceed $3.3 trillion, they emphasized JPMorgan. This is exactly the amount of gold that is used for investment purposes, the company claims.

At the same time, analysts recognize a significant growth in spot Bitcoin ETFs. In their opinion, in two or three years the amount of capital under management of these crypto funds will grow to $62 billion. In their calculations, they used gold as a standard and took into account the volatility index of the first cryptocurrency.


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