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Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin at $300,000, reward for accurate token listing forecasts: what's new on the market

The main thing on the cryptocurrency market.

Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin at $300,000, reward for accurate token listing forecasts: what's new on the market

Robert Kiyosaki raised the forecast for Bitcoin to $300,000

The author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki foresaw the growth of the first cryptocurrency to $300,000 this year and gave advice to investors.

“The biggest mistake you can make is procrastination . It's important to start, even with $500. Next stop is $300,000 in 2024,” he wrote in X.

Let us remember that in February of this year, Kiyosaki published a post in which he stated that he was not confident in the future of gold and expected the growth of Bitcoin and silver.

JPMorgan doubted that Bitcoin would displace gold from investors’ portfolios

Bitcoin has outperformed gold in investors' volatility-adjusted portfolios, but in value terms this is unrealistic. JPMorgan came to this conclusion, reports The Block.

Analysts noted that the status quo will remain in the future, despite large inflows into ETFs based on the first cryptocurrency.

According to experts, risk is a critical factor. It is often ignored by those who predict digital gold will replace its traditional counterpart.

JPMorgan came to the conclusions by taking into account the volatility of Bitcoin, which is 3.7 times higher than its competitor.

According to calculations specialists, if the first cryptocurrency corresponds to gold in the context of the risk capital allocated for speculation, the distribution will be reduced to $0.9 trillion.

The figure was obtained by dividing the $3.3 trillion invested in the precious metal by Bitcoin volatility (3.7).

“This implies a price of $45,000, which is significantly below current levels,” the report says.

“This implies a price of $45,000, which is significantly below current levels,” the report says. p>

In other words, at the current level of $66,000, the expected distribution of the first cryptocurrency in investor portfolios has already exceeded the volume-adjusted value of gold.

According to experts, in the next two to three years, receipts in spot bitcoin ETFs will amount to $62 billion. Experts obtained similar estimates by comparing with the share of the precious metal found in bullion (7% or $230 billion from $3.3 trillion).

JPMorgan called the designated target “realistic.” Experts added that most of the estimated net inflow could result from a gradual transition from existing instruments to exchange-traded funds.

Binance will reward accurate token listing forecasts

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched the Futures NEXT platform, where users can place bets on which tokens will be added to the listing of the USDⓈ-M futures market.

To cast a vote for the selected asset, you need to buy a Pick stablecoin worth 1 USDT. Forecasts can be made for a maximum of three currents, allocating up to 100 Picks for each.

You can also independently propose new tokens for a potential listing by depositing 2000 USDT.

If the asset does not get listed, the user will receive stablecoins back.

If the prediction is correct, Binance will distribute rewards in the form of vouchers for futures trading or discounts on commissions within 10 days after listing.

Futures NEXT operates independently of the Binance listing process; the popularity of a token on the platform does not guarantee its inclusion on exchange.

AI-related tokens grew by 25% before the Nvidia conference

From March 6 to 7, 2024, some AI tokens grew by 25% on average. Probably one of the reasons for the growth was the anticipation of announcements related to artificial intelligence at the upcoming NVIDIA GTC conference.

The CEO of the Ankr project will speak at the event, which will take place from March 17 to 21 in San Jose (USA). Chandler Song and CTO Stanley Wu. According to Nvidia, representatives of xAI, NEAR Protocol, Pixar, Mastercard and other companies have been invited as speakers.

The expectation that one of the crypto projects would be mentioned at the conference caused a surge of interest in AI tokens. Typically, developers of protocols related to artificial intelligence often attend the following events.


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