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Kosovo finally switches to the euro

Kosovo finally abandons the Serbian currency and switches to the euro. European Truth writes about this with a link to the central bank of a partially recognized state.

Kosovo is finally switching to the euro

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Transition to the euro

According to the decision regulator, from February 1 in Kosovo it is prohibited to use the Serbian dinar for cash payments. The decision on the final transition to the euro was made at the end of the year, and was announced on January 17.

“Other currencies can be used in Kosovo only as valuables for storage in physical form or in bank accounts in currencies for international payments in currencies other than the euro and for foreign exchange transactions,” the message says.

In addition, currency exchange in Kosovo could only be carried out through institutions licensed by the Central Bank and providing such services.

The banking regulator also granted the exclusive right to import and export currency and provide it only to licensed financial services institutions.


Kosovo unilaterally introduced the euro into 2002, although not part of the eurozone or the European Union. However, the Serbian population living in its northern municipalities uses Serbian dinars.


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