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Labor market in Ukraine: How wages have changed and who gets the most

The trend towards a gradual increase in wages, which formed in 2023, continues. In January, the average salary increased by 3% and amounted to 19,500 UAH. This is evidenced by the results of the Work.ua study.

Labor market in Ukraine: How wages have changed and who earns the most

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Leading regions in salary growth

    Kiev region (+150 UAH to 21,000 UAH); Lviv (+230 UAH to 19,230 UAH); Odessa (+500 UAH to 18,500 UAH); Dnepropetrovsk (+500 UAH to 18,500 UAH).

In January, salaries also increased for workers of some categories:

    “Insurance” – 22,000 UAH, +10% compared to December; “Security, security” – 17,500 UAH, +6%; “Agriculture, agribusiness” – 21,000, +5%; “Real estate” – 36,500, +4%; “Retail trade” – 16,000, +3%.

Who earns the most

In the ranking of positions with high salaries (except for managers and IT), specialist positions for the Ukrainian Defense Forces: drone pilot, gunner, grenade launcher, mortar operator (over 70,000 UAH).

Among civilian professions (except for managers and the IT sector), the highest salaries in December were:

    47,500 UAH – media buyer; 45,000 UAH – international driver; 42,500 UAH – ceramist; 40,000 UAH – straightener; 37,500 UAH – endodontist, manager for work with supermarkets, realtor; 36,250 UAH – dental technician.


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