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More than half of Ukrainian new buildings have land courts – Opendatabot

54% of residential complexes under construction in Ukraine have lawsuits regarding land plots. However, these are not the biggest problems you encounter when trying to buy a home in a new building. This is stated in the Opendatabot study.

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Problems with new buildings

Among the nearly four hundred new developments analyzed, 214 residential complexes have claims regarding the land on which they are built. The developers of another 22 residential complexes did not renew the lease of the land plot. However, the most critical situation in 9 future complexes is that the Register of Rights lacks information about the connection between land and construction.

“The absence of any permits, rights to land or improper land use at the time when a new building is being built is an opportunity for corruption when the building is put into operation. Even later, when people will already live in it. After all, it is almost impossible to solve such problems legally later, when people have already invested their money.

Now we see the main risks in the land, so the first study is focused on these issues,” comments Alexey Ivankin, founder Opendatabot.

Main risks

The main risks of housing not put into operation at any stage of construction, creating opportunities for corruption, include:

Research methodology

To obtain and collect information about all houses under construction in Ukraine, Opendatabot analyzed open data from the Register of Construction Activities, the Unified State Register of Court Decisions, the State Land Cadastre, financial statements and public information on requests from the Unified State Register and the State Register of Property Rights to Real Estate of Ukraine.

Data on all new buildings in the country was collected in the “Opendatabot” project. Corruption risks of new buildings.”

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