• 13/07/2024 15:39

NBU increased foreign currency sales in a week

Net sales of dollars by the National Bank last week increased to $977.3 million from $862.5 million the week before. The last time the regulator sold more was in the first week after switching to managed exchange rate flexibility in early October. This is evidenced by data from the National Bank.

NBU increased the sale of foreign currency for the week

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In the first half of the week, foreign currency purchases by bank clients grew, reaching $475 million on Wednesday and $260 more million, exceeding sales volume.

As a result, the NBU on Wednesday weakened the hryvnia exchange rate by 0.6% or 23 kopecks, and in total for the first three days of the week – by 1.4% or 53 kopecks.

However, on Thursday the depreciation was quite insignificant, and on Friday the National Bank even strengthened it by 4 kopecks – to 37.5525 UAH/$1.

On the cash market on Friday, the dollar also fell slightly in price – by 11 kopecks, to approximately 38.10 UAH/$1.

As reported, the National Bank’s net sales in November decreased to $2.46 billion from $3.34 billion in October and $2.69 billion in September. However, the reduction in external financing to $2.04 billion led to a decrease in international reserves for the fourth month in a row – by $187.8 million, to $38.78 billion.


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