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Next year, the NBU will conduct inspections on information security and cyber protection in seven banks

In 2024, the National Bank of Ukraine will conduct inspections on issues of information security, cyber protection and the provision of qualified electronic trust services in 7 banks. This was reported by the regulator's press service.

Next year the NBU will conduct inspections on information security and cyber protection in seven banks

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Which banks will be checked by the NBU

    Universal Bank (first quarter); Bank Alliance (second quarter); PrivatBank (second quarter); Bank of Investments and Savings (third quarter); Sberbank (third quarter); Bank Credit Dnepr (fourth quarter); ProCredit Bank (fourth quarter).

Inspections of these banks are determined by the Bank Inspection Plan for 2024 and, in particular, will include issues of information security and cyber protection.

“This will contribute to the updating and improvement of banks’ own capabilities for responding to modern cyber threats, as well as strengthening the cyber resilience of both banks in particular and the banking system,” says the NBU message.

Inspections will be carried out taking into account the information available to the National Bank about facts, events and operating conditions banks, taking into account the peculiarities of their functioning, the nature and volume of provision of banking and financial services, and other types of activities.

Checks on compliance with the requirements of banking legislation in the field of electronic trust services will be carried out only in relation to banks that are qualified providers of electronic trust services services, information about which is included in the Trust List on behalf of the certification center.


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