• 23/07/2024 16:07

NFT featuring Dogwifhat's dog symbol sells for $4.3 million

The possible owner of a dog named Achi, which is the symbol of the Dogwifhat (WIF) memcoin, sold a photo of the animal at auction as an NFT item. Crypto trader Gigantic Rebirth Ventures paid 1210.8 ETH for it.


A representative of the Foundation platform where the auction took place wrote:

“On November 17, 2018, Achi’s owners photographed him with a camera wearing a magic hat. The photo went viral and eventually became a meme and the mascot for the WIF memecoin. Today this image was purchased by Gigantic Rebirth Ventures for 1,210,759 ETH.”

Note that over the last 24 hours the rate of the WIF token has increased by more than 27%.

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