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Nova Group paid UAH 10.7 billion in taxes in Ukraine. Investments in Ukraine amounted to UAH 5.3 billion

The amount of taxes and fees paid by the Nova group (New Post) to budgets of all levels in 2023 amounted to UAH 10.7 billion. This is 50% more than in 2022. In particular, Nova Poshta paid UAH 8.7 billion, NovaPay – UAH 1.2 billion. This is stated in the group's message.

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Investments in Ukraine

Also, 2023 was marked by a record volume of investments in the development of the NOVA group (Nova Poshta) in Ukraine. It amounted to UAH 5.3 billion. This is more than double the investment budget last year (UAH 2.1 billion). Nova Poshta’s level of faith in the future of Ukraine in 2024 is even greater: for the current year it is planned to increase the amount of investment to UAH 7 billion.

Last year, the largest volume of capital investments was UAH 2.4 billion – was aimed at the construction of new sorting terminals and automation of existing ones.

Another large item of expenditure is the development of a network of branches and parcel terminals, in which 1, 1 billion UAH. As a result, the Nova Poshta network in Ukraine already includes more than 27,000 service points.

Also, funds from the investment budget were aimed at automating workplaces and renovating branches to make them convenient and barrier-free in use for different groups of consumers and employees — 1.2 billion UAH.


As the Ministry of Finance wrote earlier, Nova plans to update the Nova Poshta application in late winter/early spring

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