• 23/07/2024 01:54

Only 10% of Ukrainian refugees in Romania can meet all the basic needs of their children

Only 10% of parents of Ukrainian refugee children in Romania can meet all their basic needs. These are the results of a study conducted by Save the Children, reports Agerpres.

Only 10% of Ukrainian refugees in Romania can satisfy all the basic needs of their children

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So, according to sociologists, 26% of parents can satisfy most of their children’s needs, and 60% partially.

The main problem of Ukrainians is paying rent and utility bills (74%). The vast majority of refugees rent apartments or houses (93%). The second main problem is that it is difficult to find a job without knowing the Romanian language.

What other problems did Ukrainian refugees face:

54% of respondents have problems visiting a doctor and buying medicines, 43% – with clothes and shoes, 39% with household items, 32% people do not have enough food.

    34% of children need support to learn Romanian 28% need equipment 15% school supplies 10% need extracurricular activities programs

As for access to medical services for children, 37% answered that medical services are available, for 45% they are difficult to access, 6% answered that they do not have access to these services at all.

Currently, there are more than 135 thousand Ukrainians in Romania.


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