• 12/07/2024 23:59

Polish farmers and government agreed to unblock Shegini-Medica

Podkarpackie Voivode Tereza Kubas-Gul announced the signing of an agreement between the Minister of Agriculture Czeslaw Sekierski and representatives of the “Deceived Village” movement to suspend the blockade of the border crossing point with Ukraine. “European Truth” writes about this.

Polish farmers and the government agreed to unblock Shegini-Medica

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The Minister promised satisfy all the demands of farmers: subsidies for corn in the amount of one million zlotys, an increase in lending by 2.5 billion zlotys and maintaining the agricultural tax at the 2023 level.

According to the agreement, the blocking of the checkpoint in Meditsa should be suspended . At the same time, until what time is not indicated.

Recall that farmers from the “Deceived Village” began blocking the crossing in Meditsa on November 23 of this year. On December 24, they announced that they would suspend their protest until early January, and if their demands were met, they might not resume it. But on January 4, the blockade was resumed.


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