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Polish farmers are blocking five directions on the border. There are about 1,700 trucks in queues

As of March 11, Polish farmers continue to block the Polish-Ukrainian border in five directions. There are currently 1,700 freight vehicles in queues. This was announced by the representative of the State Border Service Andriy Demchenko, Ukrinform reports.

Polish farmers are blocking five directions on the border. There are about 1,700 trucks in queues

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The situation on the border

“As of now, Polish farmers are blocking five directions. On the night of March 8-9, Polish farmers stopped blocking the Krakovets-Korchevaya emergency direction, so we see the intensity of traffic at this checkpoint… But, of course, there is still a queue in this direction. As of this morning, this is about 600 trucks… In five directions where traffic is blocked or traffic for cargo vehicles is becoming more difficult, there are about 1,700 trucks in queues as of this morning. Most of all, it’s opposite the state of emergency “Yagodin,” said Demchenko.

He added that Polish farmers still do not allow trucks traveling from Ukraine to Poland to pass through 2 checkpoints – “Yagodin” and “ Shegini.” On these routes they carry a fairly small number of trucks from Poland to Ukraine.

“For example, over the past 24 hours in the direction of the Yagodin state of emergency there were 40 freight vehicles, and in the direction of Shegini there were about 30 trucks. This morning we received information from Polish border guards that the protesters decided not to allow cargo vehicles to pass in the direction of the Ugrinov emergency situation. We are talking about those cargo vehicles that travel from Ukraine to Poland,” the speaker noted.

Border blocking

Since March 11, Polish protesters have not allowed trucks to pass through the Ugrinov checkpoint. in the direction of Poland. Four trucks will be allowed to leave Poland every hour.

In addition, on March 13, protesters plan to resume blocking trucks in the direction of the Korcheva-Krakovets checkpoint.

At the checkpoints checkpoints “Dorogusk-Yagodin”, “Zosin-Ustilug”, “Dolgobychuv-Ugrinov”, “Grebnoye – Rava-Russkaya”, “Medica-Shegini”, traffic restrictions for freight vehicles continue. The movement of passenger vehicles and buses in all directions is not limited.


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