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Polish farmers blocked trucks from Ukraine at two checkpoints

Polish protesters completely blocked the movement of cargo vehicles towards Poland at the Yagodin and Rava Russkaya checkpoints. Speaker of the State Tax Service Andriy Demchenko announced this during the telethon, Ukrinform reports.

Polish farmers blocked trucks from Ukraine at two checkpoints

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According to him, at two checkpoints – “Yagodin” and “Rava-Ruska” – Polish farmers do not allow cargo vehicles traveling from Ukraine to Poland to pass at all.

“Here, over the last period, there are zero indicators of border crossings to leave Ukraine. Of course, they allow a certain number of cargo vehicles to pass towards Ukraine, but this is far from the ideal, from the capabilities of each of these directions,” said the speaker of the State National Service of Ukraine.

Demchenko noted that in the direction of Ukraine, in particular, About 60 trucks passed through the Yagodin checkpoint over the past 24 hours.

Border blocking by Polish farmers

Polish farmers have been protesting for several months. Among the protesters' demands are the abolition or easing of restrictions imposed by the EU's Green Deal plan to combat climate change, and the return of customs duties on agricultural imports from Ukraine, which Brussels abolished even after Russia began a full-scale war against Ukraine in 2022.

On March 15, Polish farmers blocked the Hizne checkpoint on the Polish-Slovak border. According to the farmers, it is along these roads that agricultural products from Ukraine and Russia enter the country. Protesters said the blockade of the checkpoint would continue until the end of March. Farmers will allow one truck per hour, and the protest does not affect buses and cars.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, in negotiations with strikers, promised to reduce the surplus of grain on the domestic market, but trade union leaders said they would not stop their protests.

Recall that since February 2024 there have been several incidents when protesters poured Ukrainian grain from trucks and railway cars.


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