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Polish farmers unblocked the Krakovets checkpoint until March 13

Polish farmers have temporarily unblocked the Krakovets checkpoint until approximately March 13. Representative of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko announced this during a telethon, Ukrinform reports.

Polish farmers unblocked the Krakovets checkpoint until March 13

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What is known

“Polish farmers continue to block traffic at the border. As of Sunday morning, they are blocking traffic in five directions. Before this, as you know, there were six directions, and on the night of March 8-9 they stopped their operations in the Krakovets direction. This is temporary, because they noted that they will resume their activities approximately on March 13,” Demchenko said.

At the same time, the press secretary of the State Tax Service noted that although the Krakovets checkpoint is unblocked and the traffic there is intense, the queue of trucks on the territory of Poland towards the border crossing in the direction of Ukraine remains there, and this is somewhere around 600 freight transport funds.

In other five directions, according to him, there are now 1,700 trucks in queues.

Demchenko also noted that in two directions the passage of trucks was completely blocked towards Poland. These are “Yagodin” and “Shegini”. Over the past 24 hours, about 50 trucks drove towards Ukraine through the Yagodin checkpoint and about 35 through the Shegini checkpoint.

The speaker of the State Tax Service noted that Ukrainian drivers are looking for alternative ways to cross the border, so In recent days, queues at the border with other neighboring countries of Ukraine have increased.

According to Demchenko, the largest number of vehicles at the Tisza checkpoint from the territory of Hungary is 1400.

As for humanitarian and other important cargo, then, according to Demchenko, they are arriving in Ukraine.


On February 9, Polish farmers began a blockade of three checkpoints on the border with Ukraine; protests began on February 12 spread to two more checkpoints. Since February 16, Polish farmers have blocked the sixth checkpoint for the movement of goods.

According to the State Border Service of Ukraine, on February 20, Polish protesters intensified the blocking of traffic on the border with Ukraine.


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