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Real estate market: In Ukraine, the number of transactions over the year increased by almost 70%

Public and private notaries certified 307.21 real estate transaction agreements in 2023, which is 68% more than in 2022. This is discussed in the annual report of the Ministry of Justice, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Real estate market: In Ukraine, the number of transactions over the year increased by almost 70%

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How the number of transactions has changed

At the same time, compared to the period before the full-scale invasion, the number of transactions with real estate last year there was 44% less – in 2021, 540.85 thousand transactions were completed in Ukraine.

The largest share of contracts with real estate in 2023 fell on transactions for the purchase and sale of apartments and houses – 172 .64 thousand compared to 100.71 thousand in 2022.

In addition, the activity of the land market increased by 87%: 307.62 thousand contracts for the alienation of land plots and shares were issued in 2023 compared to 164.5 thousand for 2022.

Land market in Ukraine

In Ukraine in 2023, land turnover increased by 58% – to 172,900 hectares compared to 2022, but the market volume is still almost 40% less than before the war. According to the results of last year, the value of agricultural land increased by 8.3%.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the number and area of ​​transactions with agricultural land was the highest during 2023: 23,800 transactions with a total area of ​​53,9000 hectares.< /p>

As the Ministry of Finance wrote earlier, from January 1, 2024, the land market for legal entities opened in Ukraine. This is a new stage of reform provided for by the law “On the Land Market”.

Despite expectations, businesses began to sell land that was already in their ownership rather than buy new ones.


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