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Registration for payments for refugees opens in Poland: who can receive help

Ukrainian refugees in Poland will be able to apply for cash assistance in the amount of 850 zlotys within three months. Registration will last from March 27 to March 29 inclusive. This is reported by yavp.pl.

 Registration for payments for refugees opens in Poland: who can receive help

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The third and final registration for participation in the Multi Purpose Cash financial support program opens in Poland on March 27 Assistance (MPCA). The help was opened by the Przemysl Department of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland in cooperation with the Oxfam organization.

Financial support is provided in the amount of 850 zlotys in the form of three payments (total 25,200 UAH). Funds will be provided to refugees living in seven voivodeships: Podkarpackie, Lower Silesia, Mazovia, Pomerania, Lubusz, Warmia-Masuria, West Pomerania.

Who can receive assistance

Participation in the program can accept people of such vulnerable categories:

    pregnant or breastfeeding; people with disabilities that affect their ability to work; people with chronic and oncological diseases; persons belonging to ethnic groups; single mothers and members of families with more than three children; people over 55 years old; persons who lost property and housing as a result of the war in Ukraine; people from front-line regions (Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk); unemployed (or underemployed); those who have not yet received payments from humanitarian organizations.

Filling out an application for assistance

The application should be completed for one household. It is necessary to indicate the number with which representatives of the organization will contact. If a person qualifies for participation in the program, a consultant will contact him.

During the online meeting, you will need to confirm the information previously provided. In particular, you will need to prepare documents: identity card, passport, certificate of disability, unemployment.

For additional information, you can contact: 800 11 22 33 (hotline), e-mail: mp**@uk******.org .pl.


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