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Romanian farmers began to block the Porubne-Siret checkpoint

The State National Security Service reported that the border was blocked on the Romanian side of the Porubne-Siret checkpoint. Complicating the movement is possible in both directions. The press service of the State Border Service reported this on its Telegram page.

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What is known

The duration of the border blocking from Romania is unknown, as is the reason for the farmers’ actions.

As noted in the State Tax Service, there is no significant queue of cargo vehicles in the direction of Ukraine. There are 825 cars registered in the e-queue to leave Ukraine.

The passage of cars, passenger buses and pedestrians is taking place as usual.

Border blocking

As I wrote previously “Ministry of Finance”, the European Commission on September 15 lifted restrictions on the import of Ukrainian grain.

Poland and Hungary extended the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain, despite the decision of the European Commission to lift the restrictions.

To them Slovakia also joined, whose government announced the introduction of unilateral restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine until the end of the year.

The border blockade by Polish carriers has been taking place since November 6. They demand, in particular, the abolition of the transport visa-free regime for Ukraine.

We would like to remind you that there has recently been a change of government in Poland. Donald Tusk again headed the government of this country and promised to immediately resolve the issue of blocking the border. He criticized his predecessor Mateusz Morawiecki, who fully supported Polish carriers.

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