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Russia spent more than $211 billion on war – Reuters

The United States believes that Russia has already spent $211 billion on the war in Ukraine. Reuters correspondent Idris Ali writes about this in X. The journalist refers to an unnamed official.

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“Russia has likely spent up to $211 billion on equipping, deploying and maintaining troops in Ukraine,” the correspondent wrote.

In addition, Russia lost $10 billion due to the cancellation of its arms sales.

As the official noted, the occupiers have lost 315 thousand people wounded or killed since the beginning of the invasion. And since February 2022, Ukrainian troops have destroyed or damaged at least 20 medium and large ships of the Russian Navy and one tanker flying the Russian flag in the Black Sea.

It was previously reported that the Russian Ministry of Finance expects that the military expenses will amount to 32.5 trillion rubles ($254 billion) in 2024.

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