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Russian oligarchs Rotenbergs failed to pay more than UAH 500 million in taxes in Ukraine

Russian oligarchs Rotenberg, who owned the capital's Ocean Plaza shopping center, did not pay taxes to the state budget of Ukraine for more than UAH 500 million in 2016-2021. This was announced at a press conference on January 22 by the head of the National Police, Ivan Vygovsky, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

Russian oligarchs Rotenbergs failed to pay more than UAH 500 million in taxes in Ukraine

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What is known

National Police investigators are accompanying a number of high-profile criminal proceedings, in particular, in relation to the Investment Union Lybid LLC, Vygovsky noted.

“These are Russian oligarchs – Igor and Arkady Rotenberg, who owned Ocean Plaza. And it was established that during 2016–2021, the specified enterprise evaded taxation and failed to pay UAH 546 million,” Vyhovsky said.

He noted that from the beginning of the war, the National Police put financial control over the operations of 7,000 residents who had “economic relations with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, and thus prevented the withdrawal of funds totaling more than 200 billion UAH to the aggressor countries.”

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As you know, the Ocean Plaza shopping center was opened in Kyiv in December 2012 on st. Antonovicha, 176. Its total area is 165 thousand square meters. m. Investments in the facility amounted to about $300 million. The partners in the development of the project were UDP and K.A.N. LLC. Development.”

In 2012, the shopping center was sold to the Russian TPS-Real Estate of Arkady Rotenberg.

Later, in 2019, Ukrainian businessman Vasily Khmelnitsky indirectly through UPD Holdings Limited acquired 33, 5% shares of the Ocean Plaza shopping center.

In 2021, he sold his share to the owner of Q Partners, Andrey Ivanov. The agreement was finalized in the summer of 2023.

66.65% of the shares until March 2023 belonged to Russian sanctioned businessmen Arkady and Igor Rotenberg. However, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court, by its decision, recovered them in favor of the state.


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