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Seized cash worth 221 million hryvnia was transferred to the ARMA department

Funds in the equivalent of UAH 221 million have been transferred to the management of the National Agency for Search and Asset Management (ARMA), which will be placed on the Agency’s deposit accounts. This was reported by the department's press service.

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What is known

“At the request of the investigative department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Dnipropetrovsk region, on January 8, 2024, the court transferred to the ARMA management funds, the amount of which in hryvnia equivalent reaches 221 million” “, the message says.

In particular, ARMA was transferred 5,714,727 US dollars, 49,555 euros and 653,645 UAH.

These assets were seized and recognized as material evidence as part of the pre-trial investigation in the case about illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and explosive devices.

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