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Sense Bank clients earned more than 700 thousand UAH from “swirls”

“Collection” in the Sense SuperApp mobile bank is a universal tool for collecting money from friends and acquaintances: for the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or drones, a desired purchase, or just “in reserve.” It was presented as a convenient service in the Sense SuperApp at the end of 2021.

Sense Bank clients earned more than 700 thousand UAH from

Initially, bank clients used it mainly to accumulate funds for their own needs. But recently, more and more donations have been created to raise funds to help Ukrainian soldiers, purchase ammunition and drones.

The main advantage of Zbirka over similar products of other banks is the interest accrued by the bank on funds stored in Zbirka.

By creating a “Zbirka”, the client automatically receives 4% annual income on all the money lying on him. The longer the collection lasts and the more collected, the greater the profit. In other words, collection is not just a convenient, but also a profitable tool for collecting money. In this sense, it is a perpetual bank deposit without a minimum amount limit and with the ability to withdraw money without loss of interest at any time.

In addition, they can replenish the “Zbirka” in a convenient format using a link or QR code at any everyone wants the amount, even if they have not yet become a client of Sense Bank.

Interesting figures about Zbirka

– Since the launch of the service two years ago, Ukrainians have earned on the interest accrued on Zbirka, 744 thousand hryvnia, according to bank statistics.

—During this period, more than 40 thousand deposits were opened. And their number continues to grow every day.

— On average, Sense SuperApp clients completed fundraising in 124 days.

How to start collecting money

Opening a “Collection” is very simple. To do this, you need to select “Create a collection” on the products tab in Sense SuperApp, indicate the collection amount and, if desired, enter a name. Sense SuperApp will independently generate a link or QR code, which can be easily shared with friends on social networks, instant messengers and any other convenient way.

Anyone who has a link or QR code can top up the “Zbirka”: convenient and a simple online form allows you to safely and in a few seconds transfer the desired amount to Zbirka using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Sense Bank is a systemically important Ukrainian bank, 100% of the shares of which belong to the state represented by the Ministry finance of Ukraine. The financial institution serves about 3 million individuals, 55 thousand legal entities and 85 thousand individual entrepreneurs in 130 branches throughout Ukraine, as well as through the online bank Sense SuperApp. The bank employs about 4 thousand employees.


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