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Sense Bank's deposit portfolio increased by UAH 29.7 billion six months after nationalization

Six months ago, on July 22, 2023, the state, represented by the Ministry of Finance, acquired 100% of the shares of Sense Bank. During this time, the financial institution managed not only to stabilize its work and form management, but also to achieve high growth dynamics in all key business indicators.

Sense Bank's deposit portfolio increased by 29.7 billion hryvnia six months after nationalization

The most The bank’s main achievement over these six months is the restoration of the confidence of business and Ukrainians, which is best illustrated by the growth dynamics of the liability portfolio. Only on the first day after nationalization, private clients opened deposits in the bank for more than UAH 300 million, which is double the figures for the previous day.

In the period from July 21, 2023 to January 22, 2024, the balances in the accounts of legal entities at Sense Bank increased by 121% to UAH 48.6 billion.

In general, the balances in the accounts of businesses and individuals increased by UAH 29.7 billion to UAH 95.4 billion.

Sense Bank resumed business lending last fall under the preferential state program of 5-7-9% and is now actively financing entrepreneurs. Since joining the program in October last year, the loan portfolio under the program has grown by 30%.

Constant updating of the Sense SuperApp application and the launch of new important functions for individual entrepreneurs in the application helped in just the last few months of last year to increase the client base of individual entrepreneurs by 2 thousand.

Full lending to individuals was resumed under all retail programs . And in November, the bank joined the preferential mortgage program eOselya, helping Ukrainians purchase their own housing on credit for up to 20 years at a rate of 3% or 7% per annum.

During July-December, Ukrainians purchased government bonds from the Sense SuperApp mobile bank and war bonds for almost 3.3 billion hryvnia, which is 63% of the annual volume of purchases of government bonds in the bank’s application by individuals.

Sense Bank successfully passed the stability assessment of the National Bank and, as of December 2023, did not need in additional capitalization and complied with all mandatory standards. According to preliminary calculations, based on the results of work in 2023, Sense Bank will receive a profit of more than UAH 5 billion.


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