• 14/07/2024 10:39

Soft drink producers doubled their taxes

Producers of soft drinks and mineral water paid UAH 2.8 billion in taxes in 2023, which is twice as much as a year earlier. The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, Danilo Getmantsev, announced this in Telegram.

Producers of soft drinks have doubled their tax payments

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According to him, 68.5% of the proceeds from this amount were provided by the following companies:

    Coca-Cola; “Obolon” “Krasilovskoe”; production company “Panda”.

“It is noteworthy that all three leaders in the payment of taxes have the highest average industry burden: “Coca-Cola” – both for VAT and for profit tax,” Obolon, “Krasilovskoe” – for VAT, and “ Panda” – according to income tax,” Getmantsev wrote.


As the Ministry of Finance wrote, based on the results of the fourth quarter of 2023, non-resident companies providing electronic services declared payment of more than 2.5 billion hryvnia of the so-called “Google tax” and have already transferred 2.17 billion UAH of this amount to the state budget.


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