• 23/07/2024 22:36

SpaceX launched Starlink into orbit to directly connect mobile devices

SpaceX has launched Starlink satellites with the ability to connect directly to mobile devices. This was reported on the company's official website.

SpaceX launched Starlink into orbit for direct connection of mobile devices

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The first provider companies to which it will become available Direct to Cell function (direct connection to mobile devices) will become:

    American T-Mobile Canadian Rogers Communications Inc. Japanese KDDI Corporation Australian Singtel Optus Pty Limited New Zealand One New Zealand Group Limited Swiss Salt Mobile SA Chilean Entel

New satellites with Direct to Cell functionality will provide full access to text messages, calls and web browsing, anywhere whether the user was on land or in coastal waters. The main thing is that you can see the sky.

Direct to Cell will also connect IoT devices with common mobile transmission protocol standards – LTE.

According to Elon Musk, the launch of these satellites will allow smartphone users to have communication anywhere on the planet.

However, “each beam can only support about 7 Mbit.”

“So this is an excellent solution for places without cellular network coverage, but it will not provide significant competition terrestrial cellular networks,” Musk said.

Users will be able to send text messages starting in 2024, and starting in 2025, the new technology will support voice calls and web browsing.

For Using new technology, there is no need to update the hardware of gadgets or download special programs.


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