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Taxes from Cosmolot for 2023 amount to UAH 2.4 billion

Ukrainian gambling companies this year enriched the country’s budget by UAH 10.4 billion. Cosmolot is one of the three largest taxpayers, who account for 80% of all payments to the gambling industry. The amount of taxes from the company in 2023 reached UAH 2.4 billion, which is about 25% of the revenues of the entire gambling industry.

Taxes from the Cosmolot company for 2023 amount to UAH 2.4 billion

Since the legalization of gambling in Ukraine, the Cosmolot company demonstrates a responsible position not only in issues of paying licenses and taxes and transparent operating activities. As an economic player in the market, Cosmolot stands for comprehensive assistance in the development of the country.

Thus, in 2023, Cosmolot attracted the first foreign investments in the country’s gambling industry. Arnulf Damerau, a British entrepreneur and experienced investor, chose the company because of Cosmolot's open pro-Ukrainian position.

“The decision to invest in the Ukrainian market is obvious to me. I value transparency, economic and social responsibility of business. Cosmolot’s responsibility goes beyond paying taxes on time; the level of their assistance to the front is estimated at millions of hryvnia. Together we are able to more powerfully develop the sphere and economy of the country, help the army and move towards the victory of Ukraine”—Arnulf Damerau, main investor of Cosmolot.

Cosmolot has already allocated more than 130 million UAH to charity and assistance to the army:

    As part of the Cosmolot Airlines project, the company has strengthened several dozen units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with 50 of the latest electronic warfare-resistant Punisher UAVs. Funded 49 rifles and 2 machine guns for transfer to the front. Cosmolot initiated the creation of the first non-state platform for inventors of military equipment, Brave Inventors, the purpose of which is to comprehensively support Ukrainian inventors of military equipment necessary for the front and the development of the military tech industry in Ukraine.

The company recently announced a continuation of the Cosmolot Airlines project. The owners of the company allocate 12.5 million UAH for the production of a pre-production model of the first REX UAV drone in Ukraine, which meets the standards of the full cycle of target destruction in accordance with the concept of modern warfare.


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