• 25/07/2024 05:11

The Cabinet of Ministers updated the list of professions: more than 40 new ones were added

42 new professions have appeared in Ukraine, including in the field of IT, healthcare, as well as social and financial ones. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Economy.

The Cabinet of Ministers has updated the list of professions: more than 40 new ones have been added

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The most changes are in the sphere of IT technologies, where 29 new professions will appear. Also, new professions are now in the medical and financial fields.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the classification of professions was supplemented with 29 new professional titles of work in the IT field, in particular:

    Web resource administrator; Mobile Application Analyst; Artificial Intelligence Engineer; Artificial intelligence developer; software architecture developer (information technology); Cloud architecture developer; Electronic communications security specialist.

At the same time, 9 outdated profession names were removed from the occupational classification, for example, “Application programmer”, “Systems programmer”, “Computer application engineer”, “Software and multimedia analyst”.

In addition, a number of proposals were made to the Classifier of Professions, for which there has been an urgent need recently, in particular:

    Prosthetist-orthotist; Operator of Service 112 (providing emergency assistance to the population using a single telephone number according to the “single window” principle); Duty officer of the Civil Protection Operational Rescue Service; Instructor in spatial orientation and mobility; Demining specialist; Auditor by type of activity; Financial analyst.

Currently, the classification of professions includes 9,172 professional job titles. The professional titles of work contained in the classifier are systematized into professional groups, depending on the nature, complexity of the work performed, and qualifications according to the hierarchy of the International Standard Classification of Occupations.


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