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The EBRD increased its support to Ukraine to 2.1 billion euros in 2023

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development allocated 2.1 billion euros to Ukraine in 2023, which is 23.5% or 0.4 billion euros more than in 2022. The total amount of funds allocated to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion amounted to 3.8 billion euros. Forbes writes about this.

The EBRD increased its support to Ukraine to 2.1 billion euros in 2023

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Investments in Ukraine

Investments in Ukraine during the war are planned to continue at a level of about 1.5 billion euros per year, the message says.

During 2022–2023, the EBRD managed to mobilize about €1.6 billion in donor funds for Ukraine, including unfunded guarantees, more than €409 million of this amount was allocated in 2023. About half of the donor resources were provided by the European Union. Individual donors have also made significant contributions, including Canada, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands.

In 2023, the EBRD committed €1 billion to the private sector, including €600 million in lending through partner financial institutions in Ukraine and €400 million as part of its Trade Facilitation Program.


The EBRD has five priority areas for investment in Ukraine: energy security, critical infrastructure, food security, trade and private sector support sectors.


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