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The fight with Hungary continues in the EU: union leaders made a new proposal to Orban

There is a confrontation in the European Union with Hungary on the issue of financing Ukraine. The leaders of the union propose to annually check how our state uses the funds provided. This proposal may help overcome Viktor Orban's veto, writes Reuters.

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As the publication writes, the Hungarian leader wants to annually review the assistance program for Ukraine in order to be able to prolong his blackmail, but our state’s allies offer something else – simply check annually how Ukraine spends this money, this will supposedly reassure Orban, who insists on control over the allocation Union funds.

It is not known whether the Prime Minister of Hungary will agree to such an agreement. Let us remind you that the EU will decide the fate of financial assistance to Ukraine on Thursday, February 1.

The EU must help cover Ukraine’s needs for 2024-2027, with 33 billion euros of cheap loans and 17 billion grants from the EU budget to provide Kiev with stable funding as it fights the Russian invasion.

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