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The government and the NBU want to tie the VAT refund to the return of foreign currency earnings. Hetmans against

The Cabinet of Ministers and the National Bank insist on the idea of ​​linking the refund of value added tax (VAT) to the return of foreign currency earnings as part of the fight against its non-refund. The launch of such a complex mechanism is associated with technical difficulties, says the head of the parliamentary committee on finance, tax and customs policy, Danilo Getmantsev, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The government and the NBU want to link the VAT refund to the refund foreign currency earnings. Getmantsev against

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In his opinion, it is necessary to create another system as complex as the electronic VAT administration system so that all these operations can be tracked, because a company may have thousands of contracts, each may have thousands of deliveries, all of them need to be combined into one whole , to one point online.

“They must register them, report on them, because otherwise they will not be reimbursed for VAT – that is, there are so many problems that it is not implemented in practice. Therefore, at the committee level, we decided to completely abandon this rule on VAT refunds solely on the basis of the return of foreign currency earnings,” Getmantsev described the situation.

At the same time, the people’s deputy noted that the Cabinet of Ministers insists on the introduction of such a system.

According to Getmantsev, in addition to technical difficulties with the implementation of the idea of ​​linking VAT refunds to the return of foreign exchange earnings, questions also arise about the exporter’s motives not to return foreign currency if taxes have been paid on the grain and it is white.

p>Recall that earlier the head of the National Bank Andrei Pyshny addressed business with a request to return foreign currency earnings on time and in full and to avoid fictitious import schemes. According to him, the volume of non-return of foreign exchange earnings during the war has doubled.


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