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The Guarantee Fund again complained about pressure from liquidated banks

The Deposit Guarantee Fund of Individuals (DGF) is subject to information attacks, its employees are under pressure from related parties of liquidated banks due to their reluctance to pay more than UAH 7 billion in fines to the state budget for violations, says Managing Director of the Deposit Guarantee Fund Svetlana Rekrut. Interfax-Ukraine writes about this.

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“Recently, after the NBU’s decision to revoke the licenses of banks accused of miscoding, the Fund was announced a real vendetta. Certain media outlets, in particular those with an openly pro-Russian footprint, have launched custom media campaigns to discredit our work,” she wrote in a column on the website of the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

According to her, information attacks on the Fund intensify when the latter intensifies cooperation with law enforcement agencies or the State Tax Service, which check the work of financial institutions in the period before making a decision to withdraw them from the market.

According to the director of the Fund, this was followed by custom publications, fake journalistic requests, harassment of Foundation officials, including covert surveillance, calls to employees’ personal numbers, as well as intimidation and outright threats to “demonize the image of the Foundation and discredit its officials.”

She noted that in several of these, the most egregious cases, appropriate statements were sent to law enforcement agencies.

“The price of the issue is billions (more than 7 billion) of hryvnia in fines, which the state tax service has already counted for banks liquidated last year and which should be recovered in favor of the state,” Rekrut emphasized.

According to her information, the funds have already been partially transferred to the budget, including at the end of 2023 the amount was more than 0.5 billion UAH, which is tangible support for the country during the war.

“But, obviously, the bank shareholders had their own plans for these amounts,” said the director of the Fund.

Previously it was reported that the Deposit Guarantee Fund announced a black PR campaign on the part of the owners of one of the liquidated banks.

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