• 12/07/2024 23:40

The Guarantee Fund offers illiquid assets for sale at a 99% discount

For the first time, the Guarantee Fund put up for sale an extensive industry pool of assets at a 99% discount. It included assets that could not be sold earlier. This was reported by the Fund's press service.

The Guarantee Fund offers illiquid assets for sale at a 99% discount

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The pool was formed according to the so-called industry approach, and the common feature for assets is the debtor’s KVED – “Wholesale and retail trade.”

The lot included claims and property rights under loan agreements and agreements for the provision of bank guarantees concluded with business entities and individuals (190 positions), as well as accounts receivable (31 positions) and fixed assets (618 positions).

The total debt under the contracts included in the pool is about UAH 3.2 billion. Of these, UAH 1.6 billion is debt under agreements with MR Bank JSC, UAH 704 million under agreements with Prominvestbank PJSC, almost UAH 602 million under agreements with Megabank JSC and UAH 305 million under Bank Sich JSC. .

Ensuring the fulfillment of obligations to banks includes, in particular, real estate, land plots, financial guarantee, etc.

The initial price of the pool is UAH 129.3 million . Trading will take place according to the Dutch model on January 23 in the Prozorro.Sales system.


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