• 23/07/2024 15:51

The Guarantee Fund sells bank assets worth UAH 2.49 billion

This week the Deposit Guarantee Fund plans to sell the assets of 10 banks for a total amount of 2.49 billion hryvnia. This was reported by the press service of the Guarantee Fund.

The Guarantee Fund is selling bank assets worth 2.49 billion hryvnia

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“This week (February 19-23) in the Prozorro.Sale system, the sale of assets of 10 banks liquidated by the Deposit Guarantee Fund is planned. The initial selling price of all lots is UAH 2,488.5 million,” the message says.

Of which, rights to claim under loans were put up for sale in the amount of UAH 1,982.7 million, and in the amount of 459.4 million UAH – real estate, land plots and other fixed assets.

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In addition, receivables to banks put up for sale for UAH 46.4 million, securities for UAH 0.04 million.


The Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals in January 2024 paid depositors of liquidated banks 23 .6 million UAH of guaranteed compensation.


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