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The interbank foreign exchange rate is going up – it reached 38.6 UAH/$

Today, February 20, the non-cash exchange rate of the dollar to the hryvnia on the interbank foreign exchange market is growing noticeably. At 10 am, trading on Bloomberg began with a deal at the level of 38.3550 UAH/$ after yesterday’s closing of the site at 38.32 UAH/$.

Interbank foreign exchange is going up & has reached 38.6 UAH/$

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What is happening with the exchange rate

On February 20, the National Bank raised the official rate from 37.9719 UAH/$ to 38.2847 UAH/$.

Tuesday morning trading was more lively than previous days. In the first half hour, $34 million was sold, by noon – over $100 million, and at 14:40 – $172 million.

The active phase of trading has not yet been completed, will last until 15:30 – on terms of tod (currency delivery today).

The interbank currency interbank market is going up — reached 38.6 UAH/$

For comparison: yesterday, February 19, the total trading volume on Bloomberg amounted to only $101.7 million, and last week did not rise above $125 million:

    February 12 – $120 million; February 13 – $116.7 million; February 14 – $82.75 million; February 15 – $97.6 million; February 16 – $124.4 million

The National Bank remains the largest currency seller in the non-cash market. According to official reports, last week he sold $322.6 million, and since the beginning of 2024 – $3.2 billion. Now there is an intensification of trading and a gradual increase in the price of the non-cash dollar.

After the opening of Bloomberg trading at 38.3550 UAH/$ today quotes rose to 38.4500 UAH/$ and 38.51 UAH/$, then retreated to 38.48 UAH/$. And by 14:40 it had settled at 38.60 UAH/$. At noon, the National Bank set its reference rate at 38.4662 UAH/$.

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