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The largest bookstores doubled their revenue last year

In 2023, the two largest bookstore chains, Knigarnya E and KSD, almost doubled their revenue to UAH 823.3 million and UAH 593.1 million net income. Forbes reports this, based on YouControl data.

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Last year, the revenue of the company “Knigarnya E” » (physical and online store) increased to UAH 823.3 million. In 2022, its net income amounted to 418.5 million UAH.

At the same time, the KSD company (physical stores and online store, publishing house) received 593.1 million in net income in 2023 from sales versus revenue of UAH 304.6 million. a year earlier.

The third largest Ukrainian chain of bookstores “Knigoland” (physical and online store) received UAH 82.6 million in revenue based on 2023 results. The growth is approximately 1.6 times: in 2022, the chain’s revenue amounted to UAH 51.8 million.

In general, the number of bookstores in Ukraine is growing, despite the full-scale invasion. This is partly due to the fact that chains are opening new stores in relatively safe areas to replace those lost due to Russian aggression. The number of independent bookstores is also increasing.

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