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The main thing for January 31: arrest of accounts of draft dodgers, the EU proposes to extend customs benefits, Fed meeting

Bank accounts of military draft dodgers will be frozen by court decision. What is known

Bank accounts of those liable for military service who evade visits to the TCC and SP will be arrested by court decision. But not right away – the bill provides for several stages until the accounts are blocked.

Reports from Alphabet and Microsoft brought down the shares of shi companies: the sector lost $190 billion per day

Investors reacted negatively to the financial reports of tech giants Alphabet and Microsoft, shares of the companies fell on Tuesday, dragging other assets related to artificial intelligence with them. In general, this sector, which is considered one of the most promising, lost $190 billion in market value in one day.

The EU proposes to extend the duty-free regime for Ukrainian goods

The European Commission has officially proposed for another year extend the suspension of import quotas and duties for Ukrainian exports to the EU, at the same time including restrictions on agricultural products, which was demanded by several EU countries.

Rate, foreign currency bonds and deposits: how the Fed’s decision will affect our market


The results of the two-day Fed meeting, which began on January 30, will become known on January 31 at 21:00 Kiev time. The decision of the American regulator on the interest rate will affect global financial markets. And Ukraine is no exception.

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