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The main thing for Tuesday: bank revenues quadrupled, GDP grew by 3.5% in January

Four times higher: in 2023, the profit of the banking sector reached UAH 86.5 billion

The main thing for Tuesday: bank revenues grew fourfold, GDP in January grew by 3, 5%

Solvent banks in 2023, according to preliminary data, confirmed by an annual audit, received UAH 86.5 billion in net profit. This is almost four times higher than in 2022 and 12% higher than in 2021, before the full-scale invasion. This is stated in the NBU data.

In January, GDP grew by 3.5% – Ministry of Economy

In January, GDP grew by 3.5%, thanks to expanded logistics capabilities and increased investment demand. This is the preliminary assessment of the Ministry of Economy compared to January 2023.

Final voting. The US Senate supported $60 billion for Ukraine

The US Senate on Tuesday, February 13, in the final vote supported the foreign funding bill, providing $60.06 billion in support for Ukraine, including $7.85 billion for direct budget help.

Chinese “ether” and Celestia: how the Ministry of Finance’s crypto portfolio has changed

On Monday, the price of Bitcoin rose to $50 thousand and reached its highest level in more than two years. Following “digital gold,” other cryptocurrencies also grew. The Ministry of Finance decided to join this rally and filled its crypto portfolio. We'll tell you which cryptocurrencies we bought and what we paid attention to when choosing.

For those under 30: where to invest when there is no large capital yet

The main thing for Tuesday : bank revenues quadrupled, GDP grew by 3.5% in January

In a difficult economic situation, you should start saving and saving at a young age. What are the features of investing for those who have not yet turned 30 years old, and whether savings at this age differ from other ages, the Ministry of Finance looked into.


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