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The Ministry of Finance spoke about “Plan B” in case of lack of assistance from the United States

If the US Congress fails to pass aid to Ukraine this year, Ukraine will urge other G7 states to increase their financial support. Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko announced this during a telethon, reports “Public”.

The Ministry of Finance spoke about “Plan B” in case of lack of help from the United States

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“We always hope for the best solution to the issue from the point of view of our interests, and we hope that a solution will be found in the lower house (House of Representatives of Congress – ed.). And now there are reasons for this. We hope that direct budget support will continue,” Marchenko said.

He emphasized that American support is important for cooperation with the International Monetary Fund “to form a pool of partners of trust accepted within the G7.”

“We receive constant assurances from the US government that Ukraine will receive the funds. Therefore, this option is the main one,” Marchenko noted.

Plan B

At the same time, according to him, Ukraine is developing other possibilities.

“Option B,” as we have already indicated, is an appeal to all G7 states if we do not have sufficient support from the States so that they increase the size of their contributions to replace America,” Marchenko explained.

He said that it could be not only the G7 states, but also others, for example, Northern Europe, supporting Ukraine.

Help from the United States

In February, the US Senate approved the bill on international assistance in the amount of $95.3 billion, including funding for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

The document provides for more than $60 billion for Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel and $4.83 billion for support for partners in India -Pacific region, including Taiwan, and deterring Chinese aggression.

It will also provide $9.15 billion in humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, Ukraine and other conflict zones around the world.

For final approval, the bill must be voted on by the House of Representatives, and then the document must be signed by US President Joe Biden.


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