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The National Bank has issued 33 payment licenses and is considering another 10 packages of documents – exclusive to the Ministry of Finance

During the relicensing of payment organizations, the National Bank granted 31 licenses for payment services in 2023, and 2 in 2024. The NBU reported this in response to an official request from the Ministry of Finance.

The National Bank has issued 33 payment licenses and another 10 packages of documents are being considered by the “Ministry of Finance” exclusive

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The number of payers decreased by almost half after changes in the relevant legislation in this market.

“At the time the law “On Payment Services” came into force, 64 companies had a license to transfer funds in national currency without opening accounts. During 2023, the National Bank issued 31 licenses for the provision of financial payment services.

In 2024, another financial institution was authorized to provide financial payment services for the transfer of funds without opening an account and a license was issued to the payment institution. Thus, today, 33 institutions have the right to provide financial payment services,” says the National Bank’s response.

The Ministry of Finance found out the names of organizations in the official registers of the regulator:

    FC Profinef LLC is a financial institution, licensed on February 5, 2024.
    Hostpay LLC is a payment institution, licensed on February 26, 2024.

Hostpey LLC is a young company with 5 months of experience, which, according to YouControl, was registered on September 29, 2023, its authorized capital is UAH 7.5 million. Registered in Kyiv, the main KVED is the provision of other financial services.

The financial company Profinef has a longer experience, almost 8 years, registered in Dnipro with an authorized capital of UAH 22.9 million and the main KVED 66.12 – “Mediation under agreements with securities or goods.” On its official website, the company offers clients one service – trading foreign exchange values ​​in cash, it is led by Victoria Oganezova (director) and Natalia Bevz (chief accountant). The National Bank in its latest report for the 9 months of 2023 reports the company’s assets at UAH 30.5 million and a current loss of UAH 3.5 million.

Recently, the NBU inspected FC Profinef LLC regarding compliance with legislation on foreign exchange transactions and financial monitoring, and in early March 2024 announced that it had been fined in the amount of UAH 17 thousand for violations of foreign exchange legislation (“significant errors in statistical reporting”). .

In 2023, the National Bank issued the majority of payment licenses in April-May, the Ministry of Finance collected a list of them from the regulator’s register:

    FC Kreditor XXI LLC received a license on April 25 ;
    LLC “European Payment System” – April 25;
    FC United Space LLC – April 27;
    FC Finexpress LLC – April 27;
    Diamond Pay LLC – April 27;
    FC MBK LLC – April 27;
    Payment Center LLC – April 28;
    Capital Business Group LLC – April 28;
    JSC “Ukrposhta” – April 28;
    NovaPay LLC – April 28;
    Ukrainian Payment System LLC – April 29;
    LLC “FC “Kontraktovy Dom” – April 29;
    FC EVO LLC – April 29;
    FC UAPey LLC – April 29;
    FC Phoenix LLC – April 30;
    Swift Garant LLC – April 30;
    FC AP.MI.Finance LLC – April 30;
    Elaens LLC – April 30;
    FC Artois LLC – April 30;
    UPR LLC – May 1;
    FC Hertz LLC – May 2;
    FC MPS LLC – May 8;
    PayTech Ukraine LLC – May 29;
    Profitguide LLC – May 29;
    PJSC “Zaporozhsvyazservice” – June 5;
    SME Finance LLC – June 5;
    FC Way For Pay LLC – June 8;
    FC Fin Pay LLC – June 8;
    FC Mason LLC – July 17;
    PayRun LLC – August 3;
    FinKit LLC – September 11.

The list of payment organizations will certainly continue to grow. The National Bank informed the Ministry of Finance that it currently has 10 packages of documents under consideration.

The regulator clarified that at the moment the NBU has reviewed 165 packages of documents received from 69 applicants. The preliminary results are as follows:

    37 institutions – decisions made; 4 applicants were denied a license to provide financial services; 52 packages of documents – NBU requested additional information; 3 applicants took away their packages of documents on their own initiative; 10 packages of documents are under consideration.

“The National Bank refused to issue a license to the applicants to provide financial payment services on the basis of inconsistency of the applicant and/or the applicant’s participant, and/or the applicant’s director, and/or its chief accountant, and/or its key person, and/or documents submitted by the applicant to the requirements of the Law “On Payment Services” and/or the requirements of the Regulations on the procedure for authorizing the activities of providers of financial payment services and limited payment services, approved by NBU Resolution No. 217 dated October 7, 2022 (as amended), and/or legislation Ukraine. There was no connection with sanctioned persons among the reasons,” says the National Bank’s commentary for the Ministry of Finance.



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