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The National Bank told what will happen to the salaries of Ukrainians in 2024

The National Bank predicts an increase in wages for Ukrainians due to a lack of qualified workers. This was stated by First Deputy Head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova during the telethon.

The National Bank told what will happen to the salaries of Ukrainians in 2024

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“We believe that the economy will continue to grow. Economic growth means the labor market is recovering. But due to structural problems in the labor market, due to the fact that many have left, sometimes businesses cannot find the specialists they need,” she said.

According to them, that’s why businesses are planning raise wages. “This is already happening and will probably continue next year,” Rozhkova noted.

She emphasized that this means growth state and consumer demand in Ukraine.

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What will happen to inflation

Rozhkova reported that the NBU predicts an acceleration of inflation in 2024, which will still remain below 10%. This will lead to the fact that rates on hryvnia deposits will remain attractive not only in order to save money from depreciation, but also to earn something.


According to official statistics, in 2023, the average salary increased by almost a quarter. Officials believe that next year wages will increase by about a third.


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