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The National Securities and Stock Market Commission suspended the circulation of Ukrrichflot shares

The National Commission on Securities and Stock Market stopped the circulation of shares of PJSC Shipping Company Ukrrichflot. The regulator made the corresponding decision on January 12. This is reported on the commission's website.

The National Securities Market Commission suspended the circulation of Ukrrichflot shares

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< p>At the same time, the text of the decision itself and the reason for its adoption are not yet available.

Ukrrichflot is one of the oldest companies on the Ukrainian stock market, since the company was one of the first to be privatized. Its shares were quite actively traded on the market in the first years after the sale by the state.

The company included five ports – Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Nikopol, Kherson and Nikolaev. The company's fleet consisted of about 100 vessels.

The largest shareholders of Ukrrichflot are the venture fund “Fifth” under the management of AMC “Svarog Asset Management” – 66.1032%, Culata Limited (Cyprus) – 9.7758%, Avaline LLC – 9.1666% and Oltinoro Investments Limited – 5.5%. According to the state register, the final beneficiary is Leonid Pivovarov from Switzerland.

The company's revenue in 2022 fell by almost 3. 8 times – to UAH 299.79 million, while the net loss increased almost 4.8 times, to UAH 193.97 million.


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