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The NBU has temporarily limited the rights of shareholder of Ukrainian Capital Bank Evgenia Fedorovich

The National Bank has temporarily prohibited the shareholder of the Ukrainian Capital Bank, Evgeniya Fedorovich, from using significant influence in this structure – she owns 21.4% of the shares through Skela Tertium LLC. This is reported on the NBU website with a link to decision No. 24/1941-rk dated October 16, 2023.

The NBU has temporarily limited the rights of the shareholder of the bank

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What is known

“A measure of influence was applied in the form of a temporary one, until the violation is eliminated , a ban on the use by the owner of a significant participation in JSC “Ukrainian Capital Bank” Fedorovich Evgenia Ivanovna (owned directly and indirectly, through Skela Tertium LLC, a significant participation in the total amount of 21.38 of the authorized capital of the Bank) voting rights for 39,604,728 simple registered shares of the Bank by prohibiting the use of voting rights: Scala Tertium LLC – regarding the shares owned by it; Fedorovich E. I. – 1 (one) share of the Bank owned by Fedorovich E. I.,” says the regulator’s information.

According to the National Bank, as of January 1, 2023, the bank “Ukrainian Capital” has a total there were 24 shareholders, among the largest:

    Sergey Belashov – 48.9% of shares;

    Evgenia Fedorovich – 21.4% of shares;

    Liliana Belashova – 19.99% of shares;

    Natalia Kiva – 19.9% ​​of shares.


Previously, the Ministry of Finance reported that that the High Anti-Corruption Court on June 11, 223 arrested the head of “Batkivshchyna” in the Poltava Regional Council, the owner of the Ukrainian Capital Bank Sergei Belashov with a bail of 30 million UAH.



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