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The population's debts for electricity have increased by 15 billion over the past two years.

Debts of household consumers for electricity during the period of a full-scale war increased by UAH 15 billion, including by UAH 7.7 billion in 2023. Yuriy Boyko, a member of the supervisory board of NEC Ukrenergo, told ExPro about this.

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“Is it a lot or a little? In my opinion, this is a lot. Among the largest debtors are many areas, whatever they should be,” the official noted.

Record holders for debt

According to him, the “record holders” for debt for electricity are Kiev and Kievskaya region, Dnepropetrovsk region and Kharkiv region.

He noted that the lifting of the moratorium on power outages for debts and the accrual of penalties to debtors should reduce the volume of non-payments.

“My personal point of view is the decision to cancel the moratorium overripe. It should have been accepted about 15 months ago,” says Boyko.

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On January 9, the Government lifted the ban on the termination of housing and communal services, the accrual and collection of penalties (fines, penalties) and the collection of debt for housing and communal services for the population in case of non-payment.

According to the resolution, in In the event of a temporary absence from the residential premises of the consumer and other persons for more than 30 calendar days, utility service providers must be provided with an application and documentary evidence in electronic or paper form.

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