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The rise in retail fuel prices is gaining momentum

From February 5 to February 12, chains in the middle and lower price range began to increase retail prices for light petroleum products. This was facilitated by the rising dynamics of fuel prices in the small group, writes enkorr.

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How prices have changed

During the reporting period, the price of A-95 increased the most in the VostokGaz and Factor networks – by 1 UAH/l – to 48.49 UAH/l and 48.50 UAH/l, respectively, diesel – in the Ukrnafta network – by 1 UAH/l to 49.90 UAH/l.

The cost of fuel in the Chipo and VST networks increased by 0.50 UAH/l: the price of A-95 gasoline increased to 50.02 UAH/l and 50.40 UAH/l, for diesel fuel – up to 49.85 UAH/l and 49.70 UAH/l, respectively.

In the BRSM-Oil discount segment network, the average cost of A-95 increased by 0.07 UAH/l, to 48.13 UAH/l, diesel fuel – by 0.29 UAH/l, to 47.78 UAH/l . Gasoline prices increased more (by 1 UAH/l) in the Dnepropetrovsk region, and in the Lviv and Cherkasy regions.

Fuel prices also began to rise in the Privat group network: on average, A-95 rose in price by 0.44 UAH/l, diesel fuel – by 0.81 UAH/l.

Fuel prices in the premium segment have remained almost unchanged. The average cost of gasoline in this segment is 55.21 UAH/l, GP – 54.99 UAH/l.

“For now, we do not plan to revise the cost of fuel. And so the demand is low,” noted one of the premium networks.

There remains a significant difference between prices in the higher and lower ranges. As of February 12, the difference in the price of A-95 gasoline is 7.17 UAH/l, for gas – 7.13 UAH/l.

According to monitoring data from the A-95 Consulting Group, From February 5 to February 12, the average price of A-95 gasoline increased by 0.13 UAH/l to 50.85 UAH/l, A-95+ by 0.05. UAH/l, up to 54.30 UAH/l, diesel fuel – by 0.24 UAH/l, up to 51.07 UAH/l.

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