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The tax authorities fined businesses 136 million for the lack of cash registers

Since the return of fines for the lack of cash registers, over the last three months of last year, the tax office identified 9,100 violations in the area of ​​application of cash registers/programs for settlement transactions and fined the business UAH 136.1 million. This is evidenced by data from the State Tax Service, obtained at the disposal of the Ukrainian edition of Forbes.

The tax office fined businesses 136 million for the lack of cash registers

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Most of the fines – UAH 107.4 million – are associated with non-use of PPO/PRRO when conducting a settlement transaction and the issuance of inappropriate settlement documents.

There are also fines for non-use of the programming mode indicating the code of the product subcategory (14.9 million UAH), violation of the procedure for accounting for inventory (13.6 million) and lack of fiscal receipts (0.1 million). Other violations – UAH 0.1 million.

The tax authorities identified the largest number of violations among business entities from the trade sector – 5173. The amount of fines was UAH 74.8 million. The largest amount of fines was UAH 55.5 million for non-use of RPO/PRRO and issuance of inappropriate payment documents.

Among establishments in the trade sector, supermarkets received fines of UAH 18.5 million, gas stations/gas stations – 16, 9 million UAH, household appliance stores – 8.3 million UAH, pharmacies – 208,000 UAH, business in the field of online trading – 170,000 UAH.

In the service sector, the tax authorities identified 134 violations, fines – 30 .6 million UAH. Restaurants – 13.1 million UAH, exchange offices – 88,000 UAH, tourism, entertainment – 87,000 UAH, road transport – 30,000 UAH.

The number of cash registers registered by businesses, according to tax data, in October amounted to 824,400, and over three months it increased to 851,200. At the beginning of the year, the figure was just under 650,000, so over the past year the number of RPOs/PRROs in Ukraine increased by 200,000.

The total amount of revenue carried out through RPO, also increased. In January 2023 it was UAH 234.8 billion, in September (before the return of fines) – UAH 291.8 billion, and in December – UAH 346.5 billion.


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