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The Ukrainian sea corridor has become 24/7. Restoration of ferry and container traffic is expected

The Ukrainian sea corridor began to operate around the clock last week after receiving the necessary permits from the Ukrainian Navy. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Yuriy Vaskov, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

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“The corridor still has (potential) at least a 20% increase in volumes,” – he said at the round table about Ukrainian exports.

Vaskov recalled that in February the corridor reached a record volume of export and import transportation – 8 million tons, of which 60-65% were agricultural products, while the rest were ore, metals, imported fertilizers.

According to him According to him, the corridor is now operating at the same pace as in February, since the weather was unfavorable in the last week.

In total, according to the deputy minister, since the start of the Ukrainian sea corridor, more than a thousand ships have passed through it, transporting already almost 31 million tons.

Restoration of maritime transport

Vaskov noted that the first container shipments along the Ukrainian sea corridor can be carried out within two to three weeks.

“All five container terminals are ready to process (containers, – ed.). Almost all of them are involved in the transshipment of agricultural and other products. But containers are a priority and they are negotiating. I hope that in two to three weeks we will get the first measures,” he said.

According to his forecast, terminals and container lines will resume work in stages: first the first line, then the second, and then the third.< /p>

Moreover, Vaskov noted that the movement will begin with feeder ships, and then, in the event of no incident, container lines will follow.

Vaskov added that the Ministry of Reconstruction also hopes to restore car ferry service within two weeks, and in two months there will be a railway ferry service.

According to him, all types of cargo, except dangerous ones, are covered by railway ferry transportation.

The Deputy Minister noted that container services are already operating in the ports of the Danube between Ukraine and Romania from the port of Reni and between Romania and Turkey from the port of Izmail.

Vaskov added that the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company is also ready to transport containers up the Danube, but such transportation has not yet taken place.

In general, according to him, 1.8 million tons of cargo passed through the Danube in February – almost 50% of the maximum reached in 2023, and together with the Ukrainian sea corridor, transportation in February reached almost 10 million tons, or 75% of the pre-war volume.

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