• 25/07/2024 05:43

The US Senate approved a $1.2 trillion budget to avoid a shutdown

The US Senate approved a $1.2 trillion government funding bill. The bill now heads to President Joe Biden for signing. This is reported by The Associated Press.

The US Senate approved a $1.2 trillion budget to avoid a shutdown

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The bill was supported by 74 senators, 24 were “against”. Biden is expected to sign it soon.

The Senate approved the budget hours after the actual money to run the government ran out.

As part of the approved budget, defense appropriations will increase by 3 %, total internal expenses will remain at the same level. The spending package covers three-quarters of funding for federal agencies for the next six months – until September 30, 2024.


The Treasury Department wrote that the US Senate on Tuesday, February 13, in the final voted to support the foreign funding bill, which provides $60.06 billion in support for Ukraine, including $7.85 billion for direct budget assistance.

However, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson opposed such an initiative.


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